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Witch Cult

Vancouver - British Columbia

"Things that make you curious are clues to your true nature"

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION---Do you accept beginners?

ANSWER---The Witch Cult was created for beginners. No previous experience is needed.

QUESTION---Are you real Witches?

ANSWER---Yes, we are the real thing.

QUESTION---What do real Witches actually do?

ANSWER---We perform magic rituals. We also make love-potions, cast spells, practice divination, all the things real Witches do.

QUESTION---Where do you meet?

ANSWER---We meet in various locations. Rituals might be held in a house, in a park, in the country, or in a secluded forest. All over the Lower Mainland Vancouver area.

QUESTION---When do you meet?

ANSWER---Nights of rituals, divination, potion making, spell-casting depend on the time of year and other factors. Usually held once or twice a month.

QUESTION---What type of magic do you do?

ANSWER---Magical-rituals, love potions, casting spells, divination, and rites of worship. We practice real magic, primitive magic, folk magic that has been practiced for thousands of years. Spell, Trick, Charm, Jynx and Hex are but a few of the forms our magic can take.

We worship the Horned God that is given various names and epithets like , Cernunnos, Baphomet, Pan, Faunus, or simply the Goat. It is through our rituals of worship that our Spells, Tricks, Charms, Jynxes and Hexes are able to gain power and become fully working and useful methods of magic.

When we fall asleep after the conclusion of rituals and ceremonies we are rewarded with intense dreams that reveal divinatory information as to what directions to take once we return to our normal everyday lives.

QUESTION---Is nudity involved?

ANSWER---Yes, our rituals do require nudity. All participants know this in advance. It is the way to open yourself up psychically and magicaly. Nudity also is a way to become one of us so a connection of trust can exist. It is the way we have always done it and is a necessary component of magic.

QUESTION---Do I need 'special' equipment?

ANSWER---All equipment is either made or provided by the group.

QUESTION---Can anyone join?

ANSWER---You must be at least 19 years of age.

QUESTION---Are you the UBC Witches? Are you the SFU Witches?

ANSWER--- Some of our Witches study at UBC, some of our Witches study at SFU, we also have some Witches who are from Langara and other community colleges from all over the Vancouver lower mainland region. Some of us Witches are new to Vancouver, some of us have lived in Vancouver all our lives. Some of us work, some of us do not. We are Witches from every place, area, and background that you can imagine.

QUESTION---What is the age range of your members?

ANSWER---Three quarters of our coven is of the 19-25 age range. The remaining quarter has an age range of 25-35-ish and older.

QUESTION---Why all the secrecy?

ANSWER---Witches have had a long history of being persecuted for their beliefs. To avoid having our gatherings 'crashed' by well meaning religious fundamentalists the tradition of secrecy carries on.

QUESTION---Do you worship the Devil?

ANSWER---Satan is a Christian concept that we do not subscribe to. However, we do make contact with all sorts of spirits and entities with our magic. In exchange for worship and the proper rites and rituals we recieve power through these spirits and entities. For example, Baphomet has a sense of humour and enjoys the act of witnessing open displays of polyamorous lascivious behaviour.

QUESTION---Are there male and female Witches?

ANSWER---By traditon we always have at least one male Witch present at our rituals to enact those parts requiring a male participant. However, the vast majority of our coven is female.

QUESTION---Are the rumors of ritual group sex and sexual orgies amongst Witches true?

ANSWER---Sexuality does play a part in Witchcraft as it does in all aspects of life. The magical power of touch is utilized in our rituals and well as the harnessing of the sexual energy that flows through living human beings. A very important aspect of Witchcraft can be getting in touch with ones own sexual energy and those of others.

QUESTION---Are you evil Witches?

ANSWER---We are not evil, or mean, or angry. Nor are we stoic, or reverent, or celibate.

QUESTION---Are you good Witches?

ANSWER---We are playful, naughty, polyamorous and mischievous like all real Witches truly are.

QUESTION---How do I join?

ANSWER---First contact is made via email. Then an informal meeting is set up in person between yourself and an established member of the group at a restaurant, in a library, bookstore, etc. You get a chance to ask questions and be assessed for possible membership.

Then new members start out under the care and training of one Witch who will prepare you for entrance into our group. It is after your training that your initiation will take place and you begin to join the main coven in group rituals, ceremonies, spell-casting, divination.

QUESTION---How do I contact you?

ANSWER---Send an email to