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Witch Cult

Vancouver - British Columbia

"Things that make you curious are clues to your true nature"

Equipment of the Witch

Witch's equipment is usually handmade and consecrated by an individual practicing Witch in the presence of the coven. Equipment can be both generally shared, or only used individually. Like an author's typewriter or favorite pen, like an artist's brushes or easel, the equipment comes, with time, to take on the magical properties for the user. It seems to be filled with the user's vibrations - so it sometimes seems that the Witch's equipment contains the magic within itself, just as an author's typewriter seems to write by itself, or an artist's brushes to make decisions independently of the artist.

Conjure Bags

Conjure bags are little drawstring pouches of cloth or leather which are worn around either the neck or waist of the conjurer, and are hung upon trees on the property of one whose luck one wishes to affect - usually for ill. In preparing spells, one sometimes also "lays the trick," that is, plants a charm bag where the intended subject must cross over it. These bags contain 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, or 13 objects, which may be such things as gemstones, herbs, powdered sulfur, coffin nails, nail clippings, photographs, locks of hair, rocks, coins, pubic hair, and sticks of various trees including hawthorn, hazel, willow, and oak. The charms in the bag are usually anointed with oils of secret recipe that promote love, sexual attraction, or power. Other charm bags contain gemstones that have special protective or destructive properties: marble defeats the Evil Eye; bloodstone wins lawsuits; onyx brings conjugal contentment. For working harm, graveyard dust and coffin nails are indispensable. Needles and pins are classic amulets of mischief, and sulfur and gum arabic are also highly recommended.


Yes, Witchcraft does require nudity. All participants know this in advance. It is the way to open yourself up psychically and magicaly. Nudity also is a way to become one of us so a connection of trust can exist. It is the way we have always done it and is a necessary component of magic.


At gatherings Witches take turns rubbing each other with ointments. This, the magical power of touch, is used to begin and increase power and excitement for the ritual.

The Witch's hiding place

This consecrated place (it may be a box, or a bag, or a drawer, or a tree stump) that holds the Witch's implements for "mischief and magic" and keeps items safe from prying eyes.


Cloth, leather, wood, small, large, friendly, scary, sexy, staring, laughing, frowning. Masks are sometimes used in rituals for protection so as not to be recognized by 'manolevent' spirits and entities.


This is the book the Witch keeps to record all that she has learned of Witchcraft. Spells, incantations, dreams, rituals, and recipes are recorded within. It is best that the book itself (like all the other tools of Witchcraft) be made by the Witch. The materials might be leather or cloth for covers, handmade paper or parchment for pages. Tradition dictates that the book be destroyed upon the Witch's death. This is one reason why it is so difficult to learn the 'facts' about Witchcraft from books. Witchcraft is an oral tradition with secrets that can only be passed on from a female Witch to a male apprentice, or from a male Witch to a female apprentice.

Nightly place of worship

Near to where the Witch sleeps is constructed a smaller version of a ritual circle. The location might be within the same household, or in a backyard, or even a few blocks away. It might be as small as the size of a dinner plate, but is usually large enough to accommodate the attendance of a couple of Witches for a nightly ritual of worship during the hours of night when most of the world is asleep.