Witches Vancouver Witch

Witch Cult

Vancouver - British Columbia

"Things that make you curious are clues to your true nature"


Flames will often do odd things in the course of a magical ritual. A natural, naked flame gives off power, whether it be that of a candle or a bonfire. Dancing around a flame is the time-honoured way of making magic. It's warmth encourages Witches to throw off their clothes and dance in a wild and exhilarating round of joy and abandon.

In the present day Witches' bonfires have to be kept discreetly small. The countryside today is more thickly populated and hence there are more people about to notice a fire at night than there were in former times. Even so, Witch-fires still get lighted.

Dancing unites Witches in unison, by the rhythm of the beat of the dance. A group of Witches dancing in harmony together are of one mind and this is essential to work magic. The mood can be excited or calmed by varying the pace of the dance and a state of exaltation can be achieved by being outside of oneself. The everyday world is left behind with its squalor and cares; and the magical realms open. Wild naked dancing by night in open air is part of the excitement and enjoyment that makes Witchcraft such a great attraction.

The real spirit of Witchcraft has nothing in common with the banal over-intellectualised writings which have become popular over the recent years.

Real secrets cannot be expressed in words. They are much more matters of feeling and intuition than they are of the intellect. The joy and exhilaration of dancing naked is one way of drawing close to them.