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Witches in Fantasy and Myth

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From the books... "Witches" By Erica Jong,

and "The Encyclopedia Of Things That Never Were" By R.Ingpen

Witchcraft has a long history of fantasy and myth.

It is said that Witches are usually females who practice magical arts activated by association with supernatural powers. Witches enter into a compact with Satan and cast spells with the help of demons and other evil spirits.

The English word Witch derives from the Anglo-Saxon 'wit', meaning 'to know'. Witchcraft is therefore the seeking of knowledge. A Witch, like a scientist, is devoted to study and research for their own sakes, regardless of their efforts upon human beings.

Witches worship Satan and are devoted to the whole assemblage of demoniacal creatures of the night. Witches seek a more complex knowledge than the simple truths revealed in the sacred writings of acceptable religions, but if left alone they may never use this knowledge except in a purely experimental form. A Witch who casts a spell upon a farmer's cattle, causing them to speak Latin, may do so purely to satisfy her own curiosity.

But even a Witch has to make a living, and she does so by selling spells and charms. It is the effect of these which has brought Witchcraft into ill repute. Like an armaments manufacturer, a Witch does not see why she should be held responsible for the uses made of her products.

A Witch may commence her studies at any age after puberty and proceed through numerous degrees of achievement. The aspiring Witch commences with relatively minor Witchcraft, such as the mixing of love potions and the casting of blights and murrains, and then proceeds slowly to the final degrees. These include the gift of prophecy with the aid of a familiar; levitation, or flying through the air with or without the use of a broomstick and flying ointment; lycanthropy, or transformation into the form of an animal; and the casting of runes to gain power over human beings.

Witchcraft is taught by word of mouth. The only written instructions have long since been burnt by the public hangman. An aspirant Witch spends a great deal of time in learning spells by heart, but cannot actually make them work until she has sworn her soul to Satan.

Isobel Dowdie, a beautiful young red-headed Scottish Witch of the seventeenth century, told her prosecutors much of what we know about the inducton of young Witches into the craft. An aspirant must stand naked before witnesses, place her right hand on her head, raise her left foot and place her left hand on its heel, and vow to surrender to Satan all that lies between her hands.

The young Witch becomes an associate member of a coven of thirteen Witches, but cannot gain full membership until one of the other Witches has been exorcised, snatched by Beelzebub, burnt at the stake, or otherwise robbed of Witchly powers.

Covens assemble once a month at the full moon, and organize Witches' Sabbats two times a year; on Walpurgisnach or May Eve, and Hallowe'een on November Eve. Those who fear Witches may easily avoid them by staying indoors during the full moon or on Witches' Sabbats, although Witches often welcome outsiders to these assemblies. The only rules are that all attendants must strip themselves naked, worship Satan, and join wholeheartedly in swinish guzzling, public fornication, the defilement of maidens, and congress with goats.

Sexual union between an incarnate god and a worshiper has a venerable history and is known in many religious traditions. The Inquisitors' notion that Witches were fucked by the Devil seems clearly to be a debased form of this union. Recorders at Witch trails were pruriently eager to learn all the details of sexual relations between devils and Witches - the tortured Witches obliged them with the most intimate descriptions.

The Devil's penis was hard, made of bone or horn (or even iron) as well as flesh; his semen was ice-cold. His penis was bifurcate, able to penetrate two orifices at once. Sometimes it was even trifurcate, able to penetrate mouth, anus, and vagina simultaneously.

Despite the fear and disgust which many well-meaning people feel towards Witches, an accomplished Witch may be an asset to the community. It is useful to have a source of such staples as 5 inches or so of hangman's rope to cure skin blemishes, graveyard mould gathered at midnight to silence a nagging mother-in-law, or the pubic hairs of a mummy to bring home an errant wife.

Witches do not presume to judge community morals. If you have an enemy, then a single gold piece will buy you a mannequin gris: a wax doll fashioned in the form of your enemy, so that you may torment him mentally and physically by thrusting needles through the doll. The thirteenth needle brings death.

Regardless of your age or character, a Witch will sell you a love potion guaranteed to make the most modest maiden surrender. If you believe that a suducer has administered such a potion to your wife, you may purchase an antidote which will cause vital parts to shrivel and your wife to devote herself to you with renewed ardour.

A Witch is also willing to cast beneficial spells, insuring a good harvest, increased milk yields, success in business or public affairs, or other advantages. The only drawback is that the price is a tiny portion of your soul, and that such Witchbooms are addictive. The temptation to succeed in every venture becomes overwhelming, and you sell fragment after fragment of your soul until it is entirely in the Witch's possession. She, of course, will pass it on to her master Satan.

Witchcraft has a long history shrouded in both Fantasy and Myth....

From the books... "Witches" By Erica Jong,

and "The Encyclopedia Of Things That Never Were" By R.Ingpen