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Witch Cult

Vancouver - British Columbia

"Things that make you curious are clues to your true nature"

At your service...

If you want salvation, go to a church, if you want something done, use Witchcraft.

For those who seek advice on appropriate instructions, ingredients, and mixtures of a magic spell to help solve their own personal problems, needs or wants we are at you service.

It's easy...

Simply choose a spell from the list below or if you do not see the spell you are looking for simply request it. Provide us as much information as you can on what exactly it is you want your magic spell to do.

Mail the details of your request and $20 cash to...

When you receive your letter follow the directions enclosed.

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Refunded

Conquer those who have made you suffer, Promote peace in you home, Do better on a school exam, Protection from alcoholics, Protection from drug addicts, Attract attention, Obtain prosperity, Get a job, Stop gossip, Get rid of evil spirits, Control troublesome neighbours, Influence people, Develop happiness, Obtain success, Bring confusion to one who caused unfavourable vibrations, Win the love of a man, Win the love of a woman, Eliminate a female love-rival, Eliminate a male love-rival, Draw back a strayed sweetheart, Bring pressure and confusion on your enemies, Settle an upsetting situation in your home, Overcome an enemy, Obtain Money, Conquer fear, Change one's luck, Gain power over others, Arouse discord, anger, jealousy in another, Gain prosperity, Protect against evil influences, Win or hold happiness, Heal an unhappy marriage, Overcome a bad habit, Stop slander, Relieve pressure caused by an enemy, Attain success, Gain what you desire, Learn the truth about something, Bring confusion to one causing bad vibrations, Break up a love affair peacefully, Soothe and quiet your nerves, Fast luck, Quick Money, Wishes come true, Success in business, Become irresistible, Good Fortune, Have good luck, Protection from hate, Improve your condition, Protection fro a traveller, Solve difficult problems, Gain confidence talking to an audience, Change bad luck to good, Stop gossip, Maintain good health, Keep away enemies, Protection from evil influences, Gain spiritual strength, Overcome an ememy, Bring peace between lovers, Business protection, Increase customers, Hold the love of another, Regain a lost love, Gain power, Become pregnant, Increase gambling luck, Remove a curse, Find a lost treasure, Stop a love affair, Answer a question, Attract love, Bring luck, Increase sex drive in a lover, Increase sex drive in self, Protection from harm, Prevent illness, Gain long life, Regain vigour, Ward off evil, Magnify strength, Help friends, Save a marriage, Bring peace between lovers, Conquer those who make you suffer, Get and hold a job, Influence others, Better financial conditions, Bring back a husband, wife, or lover, Win friends and popularity, Influence others to do your bidding, Control a conversation, Find the lover you want, Find lost objects, Keep evil forces away, Gain more friends, Get married, Increased success, Banish insecurity, Sleep better, Pay bills, Be more romantic, Lose weight, Revenge, Get out of debt fast, Romantically attract another person, Lure a love back that has strayed, Command others and be a leader, Gain respect, Get even with those who have hurt you, Break up a partnership you find undesirable, Stop others from harming you, Increase you business success, Protection from evil sprits, Attract money, Rejuvenate lost sex power, Glimpse future love, Make houses, cars, etc, fall in value, Make house, cars, etc, increase in value, Win contests, lotteries, bets, Cause enemies misery, Protection from evil curses, Make enemies suffer, Reform someone who has gone wrong, Win court battles, Guard against misfortune, Gain promotion, Return lost love, Receive money quickly and effortlessly, Protection from crime, Protection from robbery, Learn the truth

Even a Witch has to make a living, and she does so by selling spells and charms. It is the effect of these which has brought Witchcraft into ill repute. Like an armaments manufacturer, a Witch does not see why she should be held responsible for the uses made of her products. Witches do not presume to judge community morals.

It must always be remembered that doing a magical working without any real-world action to back it up may have little impact. Magic can be seen as a way of bolstering the effect of other efforts. If you want a job, do the magic, but you'll still have to go out and look for a job. Don't expect one to fall from the ceiling. It might, but don't count on it.