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Vancouver - British Columbia

"Things that make you curious are clues to your true nature"

Autumn 2020 Update

YES, we are dancing naked around the flames this Autumn of 2020. We are performing magic rituals, making love-potions, casting spells, and practicing divination.

The backlog of emails will be slowly answered one at a time. Due to the overwhelming number of requests a delay will occur as prospective candidates are interviewed. Also, at this time we are only entertaining requests from interested female candidates. Please note that the vast majority of our coven is female, our rituals do require nudity, at least one male Witch, our Conjure-Man, is always present at our rituals to enact those parts requiring a male participant, and certain aspects of our rituals can and/or do involve witnessing and/or participating in open displays of polyamorous lascivious behaviour.