Witches Vancouver Witch

Witch Cult

Vancouver - British Columbia

"Things that make you curious are clues to your true nature"

Where do Witches meet?

Vancouver is a different place after sunset. What happens when everyone is sleeping? Where are the hidden secret places where Witches dance and practice Witchcraft?

Is it in Vancouver, or in the forests near UBC? Is it near the top of Burnaby Mountain under a forest canopy? What about the dark thick woods of the North Shore Mountains? Vancouver? Burnaby? North Vancouver? West Vancouver? Surrey? New Westminster? Coquitlam? Port Moody? White Rock? Maple Ridge? Pitt Meadows? Abbotsford? Langley? Delta? Richmond? Or is it that nondescript house down the street?

Crossroads, groves, fields, forests, woods, basements, intersections, pastures, or that small cluster of trees near your home.

In the shadows, in the dark, by the light of a single candle or by a large warm open bonfire.

Far away and also under your nose. Just around the corner and under your feet. What was that bit of orange light you saw deep in the woods on your way home late last night?